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CEJWC's 26th Annual Award Gala


A Unique Honour for
Globalom Media President (Germany)


Outstanding Achievements: Sam Mukherjee


CEJWC's 26th Annual Award Gala


South Asian Outlook e-Monthly has won both the awards in the internet category, which was included for the first time at the 26th Annual Awards Gala of Canadian Ethnic Journalists' and Writers' Club (CEJWC)  was held on June 25 to celebrate the annual awards.

Each year, the club gives juried awards of excellence for entries from print, radio and television journalists plus an award for the year's best contribution to the idea of multiculturalism through journalism. This latter award is named for Sierhey Khmara Ziniak (1905-1992) CEJWC 's founder.


Ms Madeline Ziniak (left) with award winners and Mrs Jaura
Photo: Anusha  (Globalom Media)


In the internet category, Suresh Jaura, publisher of the e-magazine South Asian Outlook for his article explaining his role in the ethnic media spectrum.

Jay Chauhan, columnist South Asian Outlook for his series Window on Canada: Legal Opinion offering his views in question and and answer format.

Jean Augustine, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women, Gerry Phillip, Ontario Management Board Chair, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone and Consul General of the Republic of Macedonia Stefan Nikolovski were amongst the distinguished guests at the gala.


Mr Ben Viccari (right) with award winner, Suresh Jaura and Mrs Jaura

                              Photo: Anusha  (Globalom Media)


The special stage presentation at the Velma Graham Rogers Theatre included a bevy of professional entertainers ranging from magicians to improv comedians to singers in Polish and Portuguese.

There was a video presentation to introduce the award winner to the audience, followed by an introduction by the presenter of the award, and an acceptance speech by the award winner.

The award winners gave acceptance speeches.

Suresh Jaura gave an acceptance speech introducing South Asian Outlook e-Monthly to the audience.

Jay Chauhan gave an acceptance speech explaining how he started his fourth profession.




    Acceptance Speech by Suresh Jaura

Suresh Jaura delivering speech
            Photo: Anusha  (Globalom Media)

Honourable Jean Augustine, Minister of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women), Honourable Gerry Phillips, Ontario Management Board chair, Mr. Joe Pantalone, Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Ms Madeline Ziniak, Mr Ben Viccari, my fellow award winners, Ladies and Gentlemen! 


The awards instituted by the club's founder, late Sierhey Khmara Ziniak, 26 years ago, have kept pace with the times by adding internet category for the first time in this year’s awards. This is recognition of a new kind of reach and a new kind of means to share information and views.


I am honoured to be the first person to be recognised in the internet category - for the best feature - for my article explaining my/ South Asian Outlook electronic monthly's role in the ethnic media spectrum.


The award given to me is of special significance to the devoted group of South Asians and South Asian-origin persons, who, under the umbrella of Globalom Media, a trans-atlantic venture based in Toronto and Bonn (Germany), have donated their time, money and effort to produce North America’s First Independent electronic monthly, which enters its 4th year with next month's issue. 


The award is recognition of the contribution of South Asians and South Asian -origin persons to the mosaic of multiculturalism in Canada.


Canada is historically a nation of immigrants. The history of immigration to Canada is closely linked with the history of Canada itself. Canada’s population today is about 31 million, and 43% of those don’t belong to the French, British or Aboriginal communities.


Canadian Ethnic Journalists’ and Writers’ Club is carrying on its founder’s legacy and work which embraces the spirit of multiculturalism and the celebration of diversity.


We from the South Asian Outlook are making our humble contribution that transcends physical, geographical and national boundaries. South Asian Outlook provides a forum not only for everyone – anywhere in the world – who is interested in South Asia. It's also a forum for more than 20 million South Asian-origin persons who are spread all over the world. It's a forum that reconnects them to South Asians in South Asia.


We are also transcending time zones by providing this forum on the internet with no log-in or password.


I take this opportunity to thank Canadian Ethnic Journalists’ and Writers’ Club for the awards for their recognition of my efforts and that of my colleague, Mr Jay Chauhan.


Somebody asked me at a dinner once do you have a newsroom. I told him I don't have a newsroom, I am the newsroom. But I could not have been the news-room without the many contributions that came in. 


I thank our writers and columnists for their ideas and articles thus making South Asian Outlook a successful venture. 


I also thank my colleagues, advertisers and well-wishers for their continued support.


I take this opportunity to share with you all the good news that Globalom Media President in Bonn was recently elected as President of the Euforic Cooperative, Europe's Forum on International Cooperation. This is a first for a South Asian-origin person in Europe.


Last but not the least, I thank my wife, Renu, son, Rahul and daughter, Anusha, for their support and understanding without which I wouldn't have been able to devote my time to continue bringing out South Asian Outlook.


Thank you for your attention. Thank you all.  




Acceptance Speech by Jay Chauhan

I am not going to read my speech because what I have to say in my written speech has been said by Honourable Minister of Multiculturalism, Jean Augustine, and the President of Canadian Ethnic Journalists and Writer’s Club, Mr. Ben Viccari. I will speak from my heart.

I am grateful for awarding this honour to me for internet writing in the field of Window on Canada and articles written on legal issues. I want to tell you briefly how I ended up in this profession of Journalism. This is my fourth profession.

I first qualified as an Economist with my first degree from the London School of Economics and then got my master’s degree from the University of Berlin in Germany. My marriage Certificate showed me as an Economist.

I was called to the Bar in England and when I came to Canada, like many others, my qualifications as a lawyer were not recognized. I went back to school at York University and got my LL.B. from Canada. I have been practicing in Ontario as a lawyer since 1972.

I also work as a Deputy Judge in Richmond Hill. With these full time occupations, I do not have much time for writing so I do my articles in my pyjamas on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The reason for my going into journalism is that as a lawyer I found that you deal with problems of one person at a time. As a journalist you can address issues of a whole group. So I have turned to journalism in the last about 10 years. I write articles on legal issues so that the public and newcomers can understand the law and walk the streets of Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver with confidence and make their best contribution to the Canadian society.

I am very grateful for this award this evening. I am proud to get it in Canada because we have a unique opportunity in Canada to share our views in a multicultural society. Ethnic groups are about 40% of the population and they are as a group bigger than the Anglophone group of about 30% and Francophone group which is another about 30 %. We are able to share our views and enjoy the cultures of each other in one country. We do it in peace and harmony. We are a role model for the world.

Thank you for the award.




A Unique Honour  for
Globalom Media President (Germany)


Ramesh Jaura

On June 9 2004, the Euforic Cooperative elected Ramesh Jaura as its new President. Jaura (62) brings to Euforic nearly 40 years of experience in the area of global communication and reporting on development affairs. Member of the Board of Directors of the international association IPS (Inter Press Service) and Director of IPS Europe, Ramesh Jaura is also Chairman of the Global Cooperation Council that he co-founded in 1983 under the name North-South Forum. In June 1966, the Federal President of Germany awarded Jaura the Federal Cross on Ribbon for promoting international understanding.

Jaura gladly accepted the Euforic presidency being ready to take up this new challenge. ‘The fact that Euforic is a platform for debate on the Internet and beyond for communities involved in Europe's international cooperation, makes this task rather challenging’ – commented Jaura on his new position. ‘Particularly challenging is to involve the 'South', to make it a genuine international cooperation that is based in Europe.’ – added Jaura.

Euforic is a network of development organisations that brings together different perspectives in one logical site with over 15,000 member web pages. Its goals are to enhance the transparency of Europe's international cooperation policy and to stimulate coordination and coherence in policymaking. Euforic strives for effective and sustainable international cooperation through knowledge-sharing.




Outstanding Achievements 


Sam Mukherjee


Sam (Subhankar) Mukherjee, Contributing Journalist, South Asian Outlook (previously from Kolkata, India and later from Toronto, Canada) is now in Vancouver, Canada and is the first Indian recipient of Vancouver Film School’s prestigious VFS Full Time Scholarship award for Writing for Film, TV and Interactive Media (2004) for an application judged “exceptional in terms of talent and creativity.”

(VFS' Writing for Film, TV and Interactive Media is one of the best in North America.) (USA) and the International Library of Poetry (USA) conferred The Editors’ Choice Award to Sam (Subhankar) Mukherjee for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN POETRY for his poem: Yours and Mine - A Strange Romance  (February 2004).

The citation for the award says that his poem won the contest “because it displays a unique perspective and orginal creativity-- judged to be the qualities most found in exceptional poetry.”

The winning poem is being published in the July 2004 edition of International Who's Who in Poetry, featuring poets from over twenty-five nations around the world.


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