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Murli Menon 
Efficiency through mind power

'Well-known consultant Murli Menon brings to readers the theory of ZeNLP, which is a combination of the
 principles of neuro linguistic programming and zen meditation. ZeNLP offers a step by step framework
 to apply the philosophy in your everyday life. The book promises to help you commune with yourself 
and understand your true relationship with the world. It unravels secrets to achieve goals by
 harnessing the infinite power of the mind'. 
 - The Economic Times

It was just by chance Murli Menon got introduced to Zen nine years ago. A management student those days in a Pune college, a paralysing road accident led him to discover his neighbour, a Zen master. Forever keen on tapping the unknown, always harbouring interest in feeling what could not be seen, a bed-ridden Murli bit into the opportunity thrown in by this friendly neighbour associated with the Swami Rajneesh ashram nearby.

Menon attributes it all to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP, he explains, is a school of psychological thought thought which believes that mind power can cure any disease including paralysis, amnesia and cancer.

"And life has changed since," declares Murli. Though at the outset of this zen trip, he did not know that it could heal his crippling injury! Coinciding his visit to New Delhi this week with the launch of his second book, "ZenLP - The Power To Suceed", this non-resident Keralite from Ahmedabad got into a strict Zen diet, chose Sambhalpuri kurtas over his woollens made of animal fur and began to meditate for long hours "to harness the infinite power" of his mind.

"I started sticking to the diet which is free from animal products. Even milk and milk products are not allowed. I began to meditate. This gave me energy to bring life back to track, something which no doctor was brave enough to predict," he says, all of which he talks about in this Sage publication and more.

In this revolutionary volume, author Murli Menon develops his theory of ZeNLP - a unique perspective on how success at work and in life can be achieved by self-realization and introspection. ZeNLP combines the principles of neuro-linguistic programming and Zen meditation and is based on the premise that the entire universe is built of an energy he terms `cosmic consciousness' of which each of us is a part.

This objective-oriented book introduces the reader to practical tips which will: improve conceptual understanding, intuitive ability and strategy skills; deepen understanding of spiritual scriptures thus leading to self-development and growth; improve memory and concentration through regular meditation; assist in evolving strategies needed for generating instant results in today's competitive environment; and help in programming the mind to tap the cybernetic mechanism within it.

Murli Menon has done extensive study in healing methods of both Eastern and Western Parts of the world and has developed techniques to combine ZeNLP with natural healing. He has been awarded the International Award for Distinguished Leadership by American Biographical Institute, USA.

Murli has received his training from the best people in this field, including John Kennedy from USA, Sarah Kennedy from U.K. and Robert Simpson from Australia. Murli had an accident in on January 1st, 1995 which resulted in a head injury that paralysed the left side of his body. Murli has recovered from his bed-ridden state without any effect or defect by June 1997, by using ZeNLP techniques.

Also, with his own example by his side, Murli now runs workshops with the banner of PhenoMenon Consultants for stressed corporates in many metros, jawans of Indo Tibetan Border Police, besides others.

Conductor of workshops

"I often find my clients asking me,  'How do I get more sleep?' I give them tribal music which they can play while working. It would not only soothe their minds but would also help them in gaining concentration," says the trainer. Sticking a coin in the middle of his forehead, he goes on to describe meditation with the same logic that describes the original purpose of putting a bindi on your forehead in Hindu shastras.

Taking up the pen on a hospital bed to roll out his first book, "Environment Friendly Poetry" based on the places he had never seen and would like to go, "ZenLP" is his second offering. "The third one would be called Stress Management - The Power To Relax," he informs. A Zen follower to the core, he has indeed rolled out an appealing book on the subject which, in its very first line promises to "change your life." But somehow, somewhere, you lose contact with such a mind. And at times, you feel if a better life is in sticking to so many strict rules, isn't life without rules easier?



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