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Drones: Draining The Sovereignty Of Pakistan

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By Ishaq Begh *

It is a well-established fact, that the main violators of a sovereignty are the armed men with a clear mission, that an opponent nation has to be weakened and destabilized in any case, but after scrutinizing the case of Pakistan, unmanned vehicles of United States are not only breaching the boundaries of Pakistan but are violating the sovereignty which it has got in 1947 after giving numerous valuable sacrifices.

If armed or unarmed men of a nation are being attacked by any other nation, means the future of former one remains in dark, because these attacks are not killing the men but are killing the sovereignty and future of that nation. If such attacks are neutralizing the internal enemies of a nation, but on the other side without any doubt are derailing the stability of this state. It may be right to say that external interference within your boundaries is limiting your essence and damaging your authority. Sovereignty itself means that no outer element should get in the way of internal matters of any nation. No foreign hand should shake the waters within the limits of a nation that is sovereignty. But we should remember that if such things keep happening, it means that foreign elements want to keep you suppressed and in entanglement.

After 9/11, the whole world scenario changed in the blink of an eye and covered Afghanistan with a non-stop blaze. After engulfing Afghanistan, United States along with its allies felt the need of its neighbour, Pakistan. At that very moment, US knew it clearly that the autonomous frontier regions of Pakistan fall under the same category under which the Afghanistan falls. America not only wanted to attack their enemy in Afghanistan but also sought to neutralize the friends of their foe in Pakistan. Already a torn land after becoming the prey to the American forces got totally destabilized, but it also proved to be a fatal one to its twin brother Pakistan. During the tenure of George Bush, the declared War on Terror kept moving on with an immediate mission to oust the Taliban rule, but with the passage of time, this war started to change the already set dimensions and it further started to shift the war epicenter. Radical elements present in Afghanistan no doubt fought with a solid determination but could not save their rule. This blow scattered them in the whole region and they invited trouble to the state of Pakistan.

Now, if we look towards the war results, it will be better to mention that Pakistan remains more in the bad news than the Afghanistan. Its leading in bad news is itself a reason of its bad governance and maltreatment of its internal elements. That is why; the whole world is watching the developments within Pakistan more than the Afghanistan. Everyone says that after the withdrawal of US and NATO from Afghanistan, what will be the fate of Pakistan? Time could not treat Pakistan with an ease because it’s so called friend America has put it on the barrels of its guns. Political circles on the other hand are receiving huge amounts from America as a compensation for its losses in the War on Terror, but could not succeed in preventing its people from being the targets of two sided weapons (America and Taliban). Now these dollars have started to shut the mouths of Pakistani leadership, and are playing a hazardous role in destroying their own sovereignty.

Now, time has passed with a great speed and is pushing Pakistan towards a civil war, because military intervention against its angry people in aggressive form may engulf whole Pakistan in its flames. Internally dealing such elements with a force may prove incurable for the whole Pakistan and besides this, the external interference can prove itself more intolerable for locals. It is believed that CIA is utilizing the drones in order to target the militants carrying attacks on Pakistan and its nationals and those insurgents who are on the run from Afghanistan. America is claiming that it is helping Pakistan as their drones are neutralizing the home grown and Afghan militants in the border areas. But in Pakistan such attacks are not received as friendly by the common masses because they say that America has no right to counter the Pak nationals, whether militants or innocents. To them, drones have ruined their peace and prosperity, because America’s interference is adding fuel to the fire. Crossing over the borders of Pakistan, USA in no means, is helping the Pakistan, but in turn is busy in attaining its own goals. Meeting with the pre- defined goals US is trampling Pakistan under its feet as it is achieving the goals at the cost of Pakistan’s interests and autonomy.

All attacks by external agents are the bloody interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan as their sole motto is to weaken the state of Pakistan. Drones running from the US bases in Afghanistan are the main reasons of outrage in Pakistan, because recently when a dialogue process was started for the welfare of Pakistan and its inhabitants, between the TTP and Pakistan, US intervened and killed TTP leader Hakim Ullah Mehsud. His death ruined all the possibilities for the bright future of Pakistan. Dialogue was initiated between the two stakeholders of a problem, but third agency with its immediate intervention bankrupted the whole process. Drone attacks are making Pakistani leadership a politically hostile and disabled one because the very direction they wanted to move seems to be barricaded. A state with their own law, police, strong judiciary and military, when is accepting the foreign hand in countering its own angry elements, commands no sovereignty. After having such strong institutions, Pakistan should believe in its own might as at one time this violation of sovereignty may become a death for it. If anybody acts against Pakistan, law should be utilized and as per the situation arises they must be dealt with it. Enemies of Pakistan are no longer threat to the US because they have been emasculated up to the great extent. If they reside in Pakistan, their fate should be left in the hands of Pakistani state and not in foreign hands.

The state of Pakistan has to decide, whether to punish them or to announce a public amnesty. Here for the interests of Pakistan and its citizens, a public amnesty may serve the best results and war may deteriorate it more. If deteriorating elements grow stronger against Pakistan and the US, then there are well recognized international laws in order to deal with them and in such conditions also, no direct foreign intervention should be accepted by Pakistan. Diplomatic relations should be utilized while dealing with a common threat. And if dealt with external forces then it may keep aggravating everything which comes in its way. Peace has a great value and sacrifices which it needs must be provided with a great zeal, but US unfortunately forgot its importance in Pakistan and put Pakistan in a great trouble. The soul of friendship got washed away when US created a hurdle in the peace process of Pakistan. These points should be kept in mind by the leaders of Pakistan that friend in need is a friend in deed.

Pakistan has two paths right here, one is to announce a public amnesty for TTP cadets and the other one is to stop drones flying from Afghanistan and violating its air space and then killing its own people. As the thing, which oils the fire should be kept away otherwise this fire may cover all in its flames. So dialogue remains a priority for a safe and secure Pakistan, as when one enemy is nourished by others then it goes more fatal and impossible to tame. Bloodshed in Pakistan and Afghanistan needs to be stopped up for the development and prosperity of South Asia, so for the wellbeing of humanity dialogue remains a first and the last choice.

* Ishaq Begh is a Kashmir based political analyst Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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