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Third Eye On Indo-Pak Peace Process

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By Farha Iman *

Indo-Pak Peace Process is coming towards halt after the killing of 2 Indian and 1 Pakistani soldier at the Line of Control. Indian and Pakistani civil societies, who were working for between two countrieswere happy and hoping ‘visas on arrival for senior citizens’ as a stepping stone for a long term peaceful relation.

After reading the news about LoC firing several questions came into my mind. Why such kind of attack or killing happens, when peace talks or process going to take place? Can a professional army commit such a heinous act of beheading?No doubt, they are standing there to kill each other, but with little respect and honor.Why Pakistan would attack at such a crucial time of completion of the historical first ever tenure of democratically elected government and provide a chance for military to declare its utility? Without any hesitation,Pakistan did not only offered to have the United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) to investigate the ceasefire violations on the LoC but also contacted UNMOGIP to probe killing of a Pakistani soldier.India denied Pakistan’s demand to probe not because it does not want to internationalize‘the issue’ but actually it does not want Kashmir to be discussed in International community.

The act of beheading the Indian soldier by taking an advantage of mist and fog is sounding very third party or non-state actors act. I am unable to find any solid reason, why Pakistan would do it at this juncture.Who will benefit from this incident? Is it Pakistani military,which can represent itself as the ‘need of an hour’ for Pakistan, as elections are approaching? ‘Million Man March’ by TahirulQadri is creating an anti-government environment in Islamabad. The recent order of Supreme Court to arrest the Prime Minister Raja PervazAshraf is a promising sign for military and other political parties. Some says military is behind TahirulQadri’s Million Man March. It seems, military is creating a favorableenvironment for itsre-emergence.

Secondly, those who can get benefit from Indo-Pak conflict are arms-providers. Vested interests of US and Israel (largest arms provider of Pakistan and second largest arms exporter of India respectively) tocontinue to buy weapons from them could be one of the reasons behind the LoC killings. CIA’s (Headly’s) involvement in Mumbai-Taj attack is the evidence that USA is interested in keeping Indo-Pak conflict alive. The alliance of CIA and Mossad use right-wing religious fanatics of both sides to lit the fire of conflict in Pakistan and India respectively. Peaceful relation between Pakistan and India would not only harm their business but also minimize the dependency on US and Israel in other international matters.

Third, it could be a work of Non-State actors whose bread and butter is Indo-Pak conflict.

In short, LoC killings are pure conspiracy, by whom? Well, it needs to be investigated however; we should not let our border bleed again, should trust each other and investigate the matter unbiasedly.

* Farha Iman is Convenor of Indian Youth for Palestine.The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represents the views of, and should not be attributed to her organization.


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