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Sri Lanka: A Present Participle

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By Chandi Sinnathurai *

It is four-years since the Government Forces annihilated the Tamil Tigers. The absence of war is welcomed by all communities. The President Rajapaksha’s pledges and promises to the Tamils, however has proved to be a tempting tall story.

 The internally Displaced people (IDPs) are sadly still suffering without a proper roof over their heads. War-ravaged children, mostly orphans and widows, including young adults tormented by the flashback of the war are neglected victims.

Rajapaksha and his clan are focussed on economic development. In this rat race, everyone is out to get his or her slice of the pie. Colombo and the Southern regions are thriving while the war-ravaged parts of the Tamil country still languishes behind a militarized barbed-wired fiefdom.

Tamils in general have completely lost faith in the Sinhala state. That is nothing new! They too have also firmly lost hope in any militant violent uprising.

The million-dollar question is, now, what is the solution?

One can find certain Tamil politicians in the North employing the former militant rhetoric. It is more of an expression of frustration and anxiety. People however know such froth is not going to take them anywhere...

Any sensible person will see that revenge or settling old scores is not going to help anyone. The Tamils have seen and lived under such reality of that vicious circle. Violence begets violence. Violence within and violence without: It is a trap. In this matter, Tamils have no illusions.

Tamils controlling their own destiny within a united Sri Lanka is nothing short of an illusion. Bloody history will reveal that the Tamils have lost everything at every attempt...

Harmonious co-habitation with dignity and decency can be a lasting solution ONLY if the leaders of the land are not hell-bent on revenge and militarisation. Leaders of all communities must act like statesmen envisioning the island with a transformative vision.

Such an honest and transparent vision will transform and transcend all prejudices of race, caste and creed.

* Chandi Sinnathurai is a peasant-priest. He has an active interest in human rights and social justice. He can be reached at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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