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0712 flag pakistanSectarian violence in Karachi is just another chapter in Pakistan’s long history of violence against minorities, has afflicted Pakistan virtually from its moment of birth...


U.S. allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, smiling through their teeth, are feverishly hoping that Washington will maintain its security commitments. The Russians are ... . . ..   


A US revaluation of its Af-Pak policy appears likely under Trump... It is, however, unlikely that US AfPak policy under Trump will be ‘more of the same’. Crucially, Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism in Afghanistan . . .


Escalation of hostility may become a thermonuclear WWIII.


Non-Muslims in violent conflict areas to enhance the security...


With approval of power plants, conflicts have arisen ...


Growing support for suicide terrorism


SRI LANKA: News Briefs

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa requests Tamil leadersto find a national solution and achieve reconciliation: Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran on December 21 claimed that there is an attempt to form a new Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which will operate with the backing of the Government. "The latest we hear is that a former LTTE 'military commander' is being commissioned to restart an LTTE outfit subservient to the powers that be. Thus the White Van drama could now be enacted by a different cast," Wigneswaran said. Colombo Gazette, December 22, 2013.


The Logic of 9 /11: US-Saudi-Pakistani Connections

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By Eric Walberg *

Last week, Congressmen Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch introduced a resolution urging President Obama to declassify the legendary “28 redacted pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry of 9/11” issued in late 2002, which point to official Saudi involvement in 9/11. After much lobbying, and under an oath of secrecy, Jones was allowed to read the censored document: “I was absolutely shocked by what I read. What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me,” he told IBTimes' Jamie Reno.


Surprise of the Year: Hope Restored ... Hopefully

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By Peter G Hall *
Vice-President and Chief Economist Export Development Canada

Following four years filled with surprises, it’s hard to imagine anything really causing our hearts to jump in 2013. Face it, as with roller coasters, most of the economy’s post-crisis surprises have been on the downside. And like hardened adolescents who have experienced everything the most extreme theme parks could offer, most of us probably entered 2013 with a ’try me’ attitude. So, did anything surprise us? Was this year’s surprise that we failed to be surprised by what surprised us in the past?


Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom

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By Farooque Chowdhury *

Mandela, the name, needs no annotation, no analysis, no explanation. It stands with its own dignity, own strength, own activity, own journey along the path of humanity. It was his, Nelson Mandela’s journey for humanity, his journey for humanity’s freedom, his Long Walk to Freedom.


Climate Change And The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations

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By Emily Sohn *

The search for the fabled city of Ubar began with a cold call to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1982.

Documentary filmmaker Nicholas Clapp had heard stories about a lost settlement in the Arabian Desert that was once teeming with riches. At some point many centuries ago, Ubar had disappeared into the sand, and Clapp wondered if he might use NASA spacecraft to look for it.


Deploying Technology, Managing Treatment Well - A Priority

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By Bobby Ramakant *

There is no doubt that research and development of new diagnostic technologies and effective drugs must go ahead with full thrust. But there is no single 'magic wand' intervention and therefore deploying existing diagnostic tools optimally and managing treatment well are no less a priority to reach the formidable tuberculosis (TB) related goal of zero new infections, deaths and suffering.  


Ukraine: On the Edge of Empires

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By George Friedman
Founder and Chairman Stratfor

The name "Ukraine" literally translates as "on the edge." It is a country on the edge of other countries, sometimes part of one, sometimes part of another and more frequently divided. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was divided between Russia, Poland and the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, it was divided between Russia and Austria-Hungary. And in the 20th century, save for a short period of independence after World War I, it became part of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has been on the edge of empires for centuries.


Guardian Editor Robustly Defends Snowden Leaks To UK MPs

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By Russia Today

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger strongly defended his newspaper's publication of the Snowden leaks in response to a hostile grilling by a UK parliamentary committee Tuesday, as MPs attempted to show that national security was breached.


Bush Copied Hitler's Propaganda Technique

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By Sherwood Ross *

The "preventive war" propaganda used by President Bush to justify his attack on Iraq in 2003 copied that used by Hitler when he invaded Russia in 1941. Starting a preventive war was a foundation of the "Bush Doctrine."


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