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0712 flag pakistanSectarian violence in Karachi is just another chapter in Pakistan’s long history of violence against minorities, has afflicted Pakistan virtually from its moment of birth...


U.S. allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, smiling through their teeth, are feverishly hoping that Washington will maintain its security commitments. The Russians are ... . . ..   


A US revaluation of its Af-Pak policy appears likely under Trump... It is, however, unlikely that US AfPak policy under Trump will be ‘more of the same’. Crucially, Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism in Afghanistan . . .


Escalation of hostility may become a thermonuclear WWIII.


Non-Muslims in violent conflict areas to enhance the security...


With approval of power plants, conflicts have arisen ...


Growing support for suicide terrorism


The Industrious Extremist

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By Ambreen Agha
Research Assistant, Institute for Conflict Management

“As many as 180,000 mujahideen, followers of Baitullah Mehsud, are hiding in the mountainous areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and fighting against anti-Muslim forces for the supremacy of Islam. Their food expenditure is PKR 2,900,000 (USD 30,000) daily. You are requested to bear two days’ expenses of mujahideen-e-Islam or be ready to face dire consequences.”

- Letter from the TTP to a lawyer in Islamabad, June 2013


PAKISTAN: News Briefs

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TTP's Hafiz Gul Bahadar group revokes peace agreement with Government: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan's (TTP) North Waziristan chapter led by Hafiz Gul Bahadar formally revoked the peace accord with the Government, a pamphlet distributed by the group in the area said. The faction, as the pamphlet sent to media by Bahadur's 'spokesman' Ahmadullah Ahmadi said, is now preparing to fight against what it said was the Security Forces' planned operation, giving locals time until June 10, 2014, to leave the area and move to safety. Daily Times, May 31, 2014.


SRI LANKA: News Briefs

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Minister Champika Ranawaka demands Norway to hand over Oslo-based LTTE terrorist: Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) General Secretary and Minister, Champika Ranawaka, in a letter to Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo has demanded Norway to immediately hand over Oslo-based Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Perinbanayagam Siwaparan alias Nediyavan to Sri Lankan authorities. The Minister said that Nediyavan who is believed to have financed the terrorist activities of LTTE, lives freely in Oslo despite the Interpol arrest warrant against him. Colombo Page, May 23, 2014.


Building A Movement For Happiness

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By John de Graaf *

You probably missed it, but April 13, 2014, marked the third annual Pursuit of Happiness Day. April 13 just happens to be the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote those famous words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” into our Declaration of Independence.


Can We Keep The Internet Free?

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By Candace Clement *

The Internet is no longer just a “virtual” public square—it’s the actual one. We debate critical issues online. We launch social movements with tweets. Independent media sites and citizen journalists have outposts in every part of the Web. Stories break all the time, from a range of sources. Advocacy groups collect data and blast information to their activists. Social media provides news scoops ahead of press releases.


Earth In Overshoot; Human Growth Is Killing Her

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By Dr. Glen Barry *

The global ecological system is collapsing and dying under the cumulative filth of 7 billion people INEQUITABLY devouring their ecosystem habitats. It is impossible to avoid global ecosystem collapse if humanity continues to breed like bunnies; tolerates exorbitant inequality, abject poverty and conspicuous overconsumption; and destroys the ecosystems and climate that – rich or poor – are habitat for all of us. As I have written previously and will write again, the human family either comes together to address converging ecology, rights, and injustice crises – largely brought on by inequitable overpopulation – or faces global ecological collapse and the end of being.


Global Warming Is Melting And Burning The Planet

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By Jon Queally

The world is hot.

The world is melting.

The world is burning.

This is what climate change looks like.


Call for No More New HIV Infected Children

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By Shobha Shukla *

According to UNAIDS Report 2013, an estimated 260,000 children below 18 years were newly infected with HIV in 2012 in low and middle income countries. While the first paediatric HIV case in India was recorded in 1987, in 2012 out of the 2,100,000 people living with HIV in India, 200,000 were children below 15 years.


Historic Sino - Russia Deal Bypasses US Dollar

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By Farooque Chowdhury *

In a symbolic, but historic blow to the hegemony of US dollar, China and Russia have concluded an agreement with far-reaching significance.

The deal bypasses US dollar in part of the two emerging powers’ trade. According to the agreement, two financial institutions of the two countries will pay each other in domestic currencies.


Where are Indicators Leading Us?

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By Peter G. Hall
Vice-President and Chief Economist Export Development Canada

It’s good to know where we have been. It’s better to know where we are right now. But it’s perhaps best to know where we are going. Economic indicators tell stories about all three. They clearly tell the sad tale of our crisis- and post-crisis journey. They also speak loudly of our indeterminate present. But what are they currently saying about the future?


North American Security Framework

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Trilateral Defense Ministers Meeting Continues to Build

By Dana Gabriel *

As an extension of the North American Leaders Summit which was held in February, the defense ministers from the U.S., Canada and Mexico quietly met last month to discuss continental security issues. During the conference, they addressed shared defense and security challenges. This includes threats posed by cyber attacks and transnational criminal organizations.


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