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Over 20 million South Asians are spread around the world - in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, North America and South America.

The World Bank defines South Asia as a region comprising of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

According to the 2006 census in Canada, the South Asian Community, at 1.3 million, represents 24.9 per cent of the visible minority population, and four per cent of the total Canadian population, estimated at 33,143,600 as of January 1, 2008.

The people of South Asian origin make up one of the largest non-European ethnic groups in Canada and are the second largest majority in Toronto and the GTA, estimated to be in excess of 600,000 within the GTA and has grown by over 40% since the 1996 census. 

Globalom Media 

Globalom Media (, an online media company showcasing exclusive content and providing services to the South Asian demographic in Canada, North America and other countries since 2001, publishes two e-Monthly publications: the South Asian Outlook and Indo-Canada Outlook and South Asian TV.  Our goal is not only to provide news and views but also a complete source on South Asia, India and Canada.

The South Asian Outlook ( is an independent e-Monthly by South Asians for South Asians living in South Asia, people of South Asian origin who are settled in different parts of the world and for all those who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of South Asia, its diversity, its complexity and its vitality.

Indo-Canada Outlook ( is an independent e-Monthly focussing on India and Canada - INDIA the world's largest democracy "the cradle of the human race", in the words of Mark Twain, and CANADA  "one of the oldest federations the planet still has up and running", as Roy MacGregor wrote in Globe and Mail.

South Asian Web TV ( connects people and places in South Asia and Canada and other countries through Web TV.   


Our ‘trio’ of productions is available to Indo-Canadians and South Asians all over the world with no log-in or password.  With South Asian Outlook, we launched North America’s First Independent e-Monthly followed by South Asian TV in December 2005 and then Indo-Canada Outlook in August 2006.  We are providing our advertisers / sponsors with access to one of the largest South Asian markets in Canada and rest of the world, especially South Asian region. We have over 85,000 monthly unique visitors from Canada.   

Audience Composition 

Globalom Media delivers your advertising to readers who are becoming part of the adopted country, but have not lost their roots. They are young, affluent, and lead lives, which are Canadian and Indian / South Asian at the same time. 

The South Asian immigrants have clearly been impressive in their persistence on education and professional achievements. The community is made up of thousands of successful internet savvy young professionals, who alongwith those interested in South Asian affairs, are interested in information available online for products and services.    

Demographic Potential Audience Reach  

Two-thirds of adult Canadians surfed the Internet in 2005, according to the
Canadian Internet Use Survey released in August 2006.

94% of the population of Ontario uses the Internet in their homes

24 of that population is South Asian

96% of South Asian population has been in contact with some sort of ethnic material though Internet, TV, newspapers and radio  

The time the potential customers spend on different media in a week, according to Statistics Canada is shown in the chart below:    


Cost Analysis

The power of the Internet that was formerly afforded only by Fortune 500 companies is now being offered 24/ 7 by Globalom Media for your benefit at a low cost and to a wider audience compared to print only media which has limited circulation.  

The percentage of potential audience reach and exposure on e-Monthly productions by Globalom Media’s ‘trio’ is higher than other media. This approach to advertising proves cost effective thereby lowering the cost per view.  

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